So Close yet So Far Away

person with a face mask and latex gloves holding a globe

Amid the COVID-19 crisis many people all around the world have been social distancing and in quarantine. However something I’ve been noticing is that all of this social distancing has surprisingly brought the world closer together than ever before. Because this pandemic has effected the world in such a significant way, people are more in tune with whats going on beyond their horizons, and we are beginning to pay closer attention to whats happening in different parts of the world as a whole.

A prime example of this is the events surrounding the George Floyd tragedy. As a last straw to racial injustice, this tragedy led to a worldwide civil rights movement more powerful than there has ever been. Even in Germany people were marching in response to the George Floyd incident. Big name brand companies and organizations have began changing their policies, Statues have been removed, there are more White allies educating themselves on systematic racism than there has ever been before, and Americans of all races, even people in the UK and beyond are getting involved while silenced voices are finally being heard.

Something else I’ve noticed is that Essential workers who have been overlooked before are now being recognized more and seen as local heroes for the services they are providing during these uncertain times.

Families have also grown closer during these last few months, many people who have come home to work remotely now have more time to spend with their families, their children or spouse and it has also been reported that the proposal rates have skyrocketed as well. I’m sure you’ve also heard this time and time again the phrase “We’re all in this together” well that pretty much says it all, everyone’s life in one way or another has been impacted by this pandemic and because of that there has been a sense of togetherness amidst the crisis.

This pandemic although tragic has changed the perspectives of many around the world on what is truly important in life. For instance Pre COVID many people saw celebrities as super human almost, however this pandemic has affected them just as everyone else and the realization that people are people and that we are all the human race has resonated with many.

Technology has also played a major role in this togetherness, people are turning to Zoom meetings, FaceTime calls, Social Media and dating sites more often as a means to stay connected and close to their friends and loved ones, stay in the loop with current events, and meet new people to broaden their horizon and prevent from boredom.

All in all this is without a doubt a very unusual time in our world history but this is also undeniably a time in which we’ve become so close and yet so far away.

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